The Role Of Modern Technology In Human Lives

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In Simple words, the collection of machines, tools and other things to facilitate a specific purpose refers to as Technology. The use of technology started in the prehistoric age when humans started the use of stone and bone tools to perform several tasks. The discovery of fire and the invention of technologies like the wheel helped the humans travel faster and transport their goods (usually food) with ease. The discovery of metal especially iron and its successor steel was considered as one of the most important inventions till date. Steel was a harder form of iron and it helped humans achieve remarkable feats in architecture and weaponry.

Technology has had a major influence in the development of civilization and the society. From the astronomical prowess of the ancient Sumerian and Hindu Civilization to the burning furnaces of the industrial revolution in Europe, technology has always been the keystone of our evolution. The invention of simple tools like a nail clipper or a nut cracker couldn’t have been achieved without the development of technology. Today, most people across the globe are surrounded by technology in one way or the other. The cellphone technology although was developed in the 1940’s but became available for use almost 40 years later in the 1980’s. Today, there are more users of the cellphone than the number of people who possess a place to live.


While technology has facilitated the ease of access for humans, it has also made them largely dependent on the machines and software. In the 2008 Hollywood movie ‘Wanted’, the protagonist works for a secret society that trains assassins that work on the orders of a fabric loom. This interestingly throws the light on the concept of a Machine-made Deity, which can be one of the extreme consequences of technology. Talking about the ills of modern technology, the various nuclear explosions, increase in pollution and global warming, productions of more and more weapons of mass destruction have led several people to doubt and question the necessity of advanced technology in our lives.