Technological Growth In India

The occupational landscape of the world at large has been focused more and more on technology, that’s not any breaking news story. What has been surprising is the accelerated growth that has been exhibited in even developing nations and third world countries. In the nation of India, a country which is well known for its agricultural contributions to the world (as well as some of the most beautiful cultural and religious philosophies and artistic iconography the world has ever seen, but I suppose that is beside the point), the technological sector and growth has been an unprecedented success.


I was entirely unfamiliar with Peter Drucker before reading this quote to be honest (to make a long story short: an author and philosophical contributor to modern business practices) but this quote strongly reminds me of a famous quote from Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I think both quotes are quite accurate. © Tech Cocktail.

I think that many people have experienced the highs and lows of calling for tech support for one reason or another. Often you’ll end up with someone from India on the other end of the phone. Outsourcing tech support to call centers located throughout India has been a relatively common practice for many businesses around the world. You’ll often find call centers from other developing nations such as the Philippines following suit as well. That aside, I think the educational focus toward technology has been on the rise as well.


I love a good piece of humor and this completely nails it. Anyone that knows anyone who has worked in tech support can probably identify with at least one of these captioned images. © birgerking.

In the image below you can see some students in a class room at Thapar University which is one of the best universities in India to study one of the many different disciplines in Engineering. I’ve known a few people who’ve studied engineering in their lives and they never cease to impress me. I suppose maybe I just have a certain respect for people that have an education or a skill in an area where I lack entirely. After all, maybe you haven’t guessed by now, but my skills tend to stick to language, not so much with numbers.


I can’t help but feel nostalgic (and maybe a little old?) when I see the faces of happy young people in college and start to reminisce about my own college days. How uncertain the future feels and how tiresome the work during the present can be are overshadowed by how much fun you’re having in the meantime. Good luck college kids! © Niyam Bhushan.